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Key Competencies that Matter: A Mixed-Method Research Approach

By Vedran Tintor What key competencies will help an individual land a job? Which qualities matter the most? What do employers really look for in a candidate? These, and many other questions, prompted researchers from Humber Research Analyst Postgraduate Program to explore what key competencies matter most, using a growing job occupation: market research analysts.   This study explored the per... Read More »

Wading into the workplace: Employers’ tips for recent graduates or inexperienced workers

By Jay Gosselin As throngs of recent university and college grads begin to wade into the mysterious waters of today’s job market and countless high school students search for summer jobs, I wanted to share some tips you can pass on to your clients – tips that come from employers themselves. Working as a co-op program coordinator for one of the largest universities in Ontario over the past two and ... Read More »

Underemployed University Graduates: Courses of Action

Helping clients find employment in their field of study requires an understanding of their motivations By Julie Gouin In recent decades, the number of university graduates has risen significantly; however, the number of positions for these graduates has not kept up.[1] Underemployment[2] has become inevitable for many, and while some may choose to accept this situation, others will do whatever the... Read More »

Understanding Youth Underemployment

  “Underemployment” unlike unemployment is rarely discussed but Canadian youth have the second highest underemployment rate in the OECD, with negative consequences not only for individuals but also for the entire economy By Émilie Grégoire The job market is a lot more complex than simply having or not having a job. Unlike unemployment, which we hear about constantly, underemployment is seldom... Read More »

Canadian Career Service Professionals: How is the Field Changing?

Read More »

The Search for Work: Navigating Unemployment and Underemployment Among University Graduates

   Understanding how recent graduates have navigated the job search process will better equip career professionals when helping students and graduates make informed career decisions   By April Dyrda The generation of students currently graduating from university was expected to experience the luxury of economic stability, where integration into the labour market from academia would be assured... Read More »

Employment Support for Young Clients with Criminal Records

Youth between the ages of 18-34 are overrepresented in the Canadian criminal justice system and require unique career support for them to be successful on their career paths By Pauleen Payne (Editorial Support: Linda Johnson) Young adults with a criminal record present a unique set of challenges to career development professionals. According to Public Safety Canada, over 23% of men and 4% of women... Read More »

[Theory Corner] Cultural Scripts and the Career Development of Canadian Young Adults with Mental Illnesses

  Career counselling can assist youth with mental illness to challenge cultural scripts and become successful in their careers By Christa Boychuk  Individuals are more vulnerable to the onset of mental illness during late adolescence and emerging adulthood (ages 14 to 29). Mental illnesses vary from anxiety to schizophrenia and are often associated with formal medical diagnoses, and can result in ... Read More »

An Opportunity to Thrive: Positive Experiences of Post-Secondary Students from China

  An exploration of practical steps to promote resiliency among Chinese international students – the largest group in Canada  By Alexander Huang The process of crossing borders for post-secondary purposes can be fraught with notable challenges. As Popadiuk and Arthur[1] emphasize, international students may encounter stressors that can similarly affect host culture students, such as academic ... Read More »

Learning Disabilities and Employment

Youth with learning disabilities while not “immune” to underemployment can develop the tools to help them in their job search and throughout their careers By Sara Savoie From an economic standpoint, underemployment is when there are more available workers than jobs on the market. However, on a socio-professional level, other images come to mind: having to bust your tail to end up in an unrewarding... Read More »

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