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Have you or your clients considered freelancing? Here is what you need to know…

With so much buzz about the sharing or “gig” economy it is difficult to pinpoint the real opportunities for our clients to take advantage of. Although difficult to pinpoint initially, those possibilities can be an oyster of opportunity and are blind to many demographics that create barriers to employment. This economy brings opportunities for our clients that may be facing those tough barriers including our NEET youth, or anyone lacking experience, formal education and facing visible or other barriers in their search. Let it be said that this economy is not a quick fix for most, it is not quick and easy to access. Luckily some of our unemployed have an asset that may serve them well in this case, they may have a bit of time they can devote to seeking out these opportunities and take advantage of them.

As an Employment Consultant in a small town in Northern Ontario, I am often looking for creative solutions to assist job seekers. In pursuit of those outside-the-box opportunities – I have spent time exploring options in freelancing, crowdsourcing and other research in the sharing economy. What I have found is this… I can make money online. Also, the search for online work is much like that of the job seeker who is “pounding the pavement” looking for work. It takes time, effort, targeted communication, computer skills and determination.

Time – to seek out the sites, time to build a profile, time to scour the lists of projects available and to apply.

Effort – the more opportunities you apply for, the more opportunities for success.

Targeted communication – your targeted communication requires some strategy and I hope to provide some tips on this area in future posts.

Computer skills – luckily these can be learned and developed but the stronger your skills in this area the better.

Determination – as I said, extremely similar to the traditional job search, you will not hear back every time, it can be hard on the ego but you can find success with determination.

So dive in! Don’t be afraid to give it a try, it’s a chance to keep moving forward if you are a job seeker, and if you’re assisting a client, an opportunity for them to keep up the momentum in their job search.

Amber Taylor is an Employment Consultant at Sault College with eight years’ experience as a Consultant and Job Developer. Also experienced in online work, she is eager to share the opportunities it provides for others.

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