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The Invisible Wall
Winter 2001-2002
Say What?: Effectively Communicating with Clients with Speech Disabilities
Winter 2001-2002
Career Counselling in a Culturally Diverse Setting
Winter 2001-2002
Employment Action For HIV Positive Clients
Winter 2001-2002
The Young and The Enterprising
Spring 2000
A Call to Counsel Foreign-Trained Professionals and Tradespeople
Fall 1999
Counselling the Released Young Offender
Summer 1999
Academic and Career Choice For Lesbian and Gay Young Adults
Spring 1999 
Counselling Deaf and Hard of Hearing Clients – Part 1: Perspectives on Deafness
Fall 1998
Counselling Deaf and Hard of Hearing Clients – Part 2: Communication Issues
Winter 1998
Orientation to Trades and Technology Curriculum and Resource Book: A way in for women
Winter 1997/8
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Other Diversity Articles
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The NATCON Papers/
Les Actes du CONAT


What’s so Great About Being an Experienced Worker?
Abstract and article
Counselling interculturel et pratiques innovatrices en régions
Abstract and article
Muddling Through: What Do Teens Want from Career Counsellors?
Abstract and article
Le counselling auprès des Premières Nations
Abstract and article
The Young and The Enterprising: A Study of Youth Self-employment in Ontario
Abstract and article

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