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Shifting Gears: Should I Go Back to School?

by Janet Kimmel


In this shifting, new world of work, a term that is frequently used is “lifelong learning.” In fact, having an attitude that embraces the concept of lifelong learning is considered a basic employability skill, along with teamwork and communication skills.


There are many benefits of developing new skills, including personal satisfaction, improved marketability and prospects for work. Up-to-date credentials add to your resume or portfolio and provide a pleasantly surprising reward for your efforts – a boost of self-esteem about your accomplishments.


What kind of training is available? A smorgasbord of options exists. Choose the one that suits your personal learning style, preferences and schedule.


Here are a few of the ways to learn:

  • post-secondary training programs at universities, colleges and business colleges;
  • some programs are offered as a combination of in-person classroom and on-line distance education;
  • on-line training offered through a variety of institutions;
  • training in the workplace;
  • on-the-job training works well for hands-on learners;
  • volunteer work in your community — many organizations offer free training; and
  • workshops at a variety of organizations (including The Career Centre in Parksville, BC).

Check into the many training opportunities offered. Create a plan of action that is right for you. Challenge yourself, take control of your career and create results. You might even find yourself having fun doing it!


Janet Kimmel is a Certified Career Development Practitioner and Employment Consultant at The Career Centre in Parksville, BC.



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