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Measuring Client Success

by Kendra Reddy

How do your clients measure success in their search? The most obvious answer from their perspective is “I’m successful when I’ve secured a new opportunity”. However, there are many steps that fall before that inevitable point in time, and the journey to reaching their goals is not always smooth and straight. It can be easy (and is quite normal) to lose motivation along the way. To help sustain their momentum and motivation, it is important to mark and acknowledge milestones in their search activity.

Milestone 1: Have they dealt with the realities that come with a change in employment status? Immediate issues such as finances, the details of signing off from their former employer, communicating the news to their network, and working through the range of emotions that are bound to come with any major life change are important issues to organize and deal with before they can truly move forward.

Milestone 2:  Have they taken stock of their accomplishments and of what’s happening in the world of work? This is an opportunity for them to take control of what happens next in their career. Knowing what the marketplace needs and how their skills and experience can meet those needs will position them to be competitive.

Milestone 3: Have they defined and researched a target industry, position, company, or venture?  They may have realized in Milestone 2 that they have a plethora of offerings, but if they haven’t decided where they want to apply them then they risk wasting precious time and energy playing the ‘job lottery’.

Milestone 4: Do they have their personal marketing materials up-to-date, tailored, and ready to distribute when needed? Having a professional resume that accurately and favourably highlights their achievements and skills is a major milestone.

Milestone 5: Are they managing their time to ensure that they have access to 100% of the opportunities 100% of the time? Research has shown that approximately 20% of opportunities are found through advertisements and search firms. The other 80% are found in the ‘hidden job market’ and accessed through networking. Be sure they know how to articulate their value add and are continuously connecting into and expanding their network. Although it may feel as though they are on an endless circuit of coffees, lunches, events, and introductions, they are really filling their pipeline and it will pay off.

Milestone 6: Have they been invited for interviews or found themselves in front of interesting possibilities? Have they been invited back for second round interviews, or found themselves on a short list of candidates (even if they weren’t the final choice)?

As they reach each milestone, take a moment to congratulate them on the work it took to get there. If they’ve plateaued or feel they are “stuck” between two milestones, revisit the ones before it and see if there is anything they should change in their strategy or action plan. Keep them focused, yet flexible. Ask them to seek input and feedback, and get them to trust themselves and their abilities. There is no doubt that they will encounter obstacles and have challenges…and there is no doubt that they will overcome them. As Peter Cohen said: “There is no one giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps.”

Kendra Reddy is a dynamic professional speaker with expertise in Career Management. An emergent strategist, Kendra morphs the long-standing tried and true career management process, combining creative solutions with swift action while maximizing resources and technology to deliver powerful results to the Gen X and Gen Y cohort.

As a life long learner, Kendra is certified in the Birkman Assessment Instrument and is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology with a focus on Growth, Development, and Social Behaviour. Other areas of study include Organizational Behaviour, Coaching and Developing People, Professional Speaker’s Designation, Spanish, and her certification in Business Administration.

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