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ContactPoint’s Blogroll

ContactPoint has three great bloggers that regularly post information, resources and commentary on career development issues. If you haven’t already checked them out, be sure to do so!


John-Paul Hatala

Recent articles: It’s Time to Wake Up and Face the Job Search Uncertainty — Embrace the No!Managing More With LessLow-risk/High-risk Requests When Networking

Mark Franklin

Recent articles: Human Cannonball. Using an English Degree. Art Saved My Life.,Sweden: Career and Life Coaching. France: Emergent vs. Clearly Defined CareersBeautiful Women Project

Melissa Macfarlane

Recent articles: A Generational PerspectiveStrategize with the Buddy SystemTake a Chance to Take Your Own Advice

Other Canadian Blogs on Career Development and Related Issues


First Reference Talks

Recent articles: Video employment recruitment: the way of the future?, Social media presenting new challenges and opportunities for people in HR, Evidence: employer vs. employee


Dunning Personality Type Experts

Recent articles: Top 10 Learning Strategies, Connecting Personality Type to Your Learning,Connecting Personality Type to Your Career Choice


Raising the Bar Consulting

Recent articles: What Makes a Great PresenterTop Ten MBTI® Reading ListTeaching to Personality Type 


Pinnacle Staffing Blog

Recent articles: Turning IT Professionals Into Great Department Heads, Becoming the “Most Promotable”, Employee Motivation Secrets: Getting Beyond Pay Raises


Career Considerations

Recent articles: Is It Dishonest to Leave Early Experiences Off Your Resume?Authenticity as OpennessBrand You? Branding and Social Networking


A Career Developer’s Notes

Recent articles: To Succeed Think About Lots of Successes, Many Cdn University Grads Work Low-Skill JobsMore About Why Women Avoid STEM Careers


Doorey’s Workplace Law Blog

Recent articles: Real Pleadings: Discrimination in Dean Search at Windsor Law?, American Take on the Magna-CAW Neutrality Agreement, Should Toronto Hotel Workers Leave the Film Festival Stranded?

Donna Messer: Queen of Networking 

Recent articles: Social Capital is the Key to Success! Are You a Linchpin – Are You Indispenable? Women in Food Industry Management – When you Network you Get Work! 

The Office Professional

Recent articles: The Office Professional podcast: WORKPLACE RELATIONSHIPS—Understanding management styles, Web 3.0: The birth of HAL?, Introversion: it’s not you, it’s me


Career Engagement – Life Strategies

Recent articles: The Gift of Help, Communication is Key!, Stress…What does that even mean?


Career Services Informer – Simon Fraser University

Recent articles: Dave’s Diary: An Alternative to “Selling Yourself”, Dave’s Diary: Postmodern Career Theory – Your Lifeline, The Beginning Is All or Nothing


Know a great Canadian career development blog? Let us know!

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