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Welcome to ContactPoint, the career practitioner-driven community.
ContactPoint is a multi-sector online community for professionals in the career development field. When you register a free account with our website you can contribute to our online community of career development professionals by adding events, job postings, blogs and comments.

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The Resilience Series: Strategies for Staying the Course


Denise Bissonnette’s acclaimed Resilience Series is now available“on demand” for the first time! This is your chance to benefit from Denise’s wisdom at your own pace with convenient & affordable online training!

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Reports & Trends


We gather reports, briefs and other types of trends documents of interest to those in career development.

Featured this week:

Apprenticeship Student Outcomes Survey

More than four years: time to first bachelor’s degree

Labour Force Information: August, 2016

The official publication of CERIC, this is a resource by and for career development professionals in Canada.

Spring-Summer 2016 issue: Youth Employment and Underemployment

Featured articles:

Learning Disabilities and Employment

Canadian Career Service Professionals: How is the Field Changing?

[Theory Corner] Cultural Scripts and the Career Development of Canadian Young Adults with Mental Illnesses



Brings you some of the most interesting articles on career counselling and career development each week.

Featured this week:

Benefits a hot topic as more over-65 workers stay on the job

The Gig Economy

Guiding Clients through Canada’s Precarious Labour Market



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